Swiggy teases professionals by featuring their favourite foods as LinkedIn accounts!

20 December, 2022 (Tuesday)

Swiggy just took ordering food to another level of fun by sharing a perspective that the viewers DID NOT EXPECT TO SEE! 

In its latest campaign, Swiggy has given the most popular food items an exciting twist that excited food lovers all over Instagram and LinkedIn. 

The food delivery platform showcased how their favoured food items would present themselves if they had a professional account. 

Swiggy launched this campaign over Instagram with screenshots of the food’s LinkedIn profiles they claim to have come across. 

The witty campaign shows the career path of each delectable dish that now has a success story of its own. 

Swiggy starts by introducing professional Biryani, leading to Chole Bhature and more! 

Not just this, the campaign also features food that won different titles and personified each of them by giving a distinctive quality. 

From food items being CEOs to endorsers, the campaign truly portrayed something unexpected for the viewers with its user-generated content. 

Swiggys each marketing strategy is indeed a whole case study on its own and this was no different. The content posted engaged with consumers on social media. The campaign did not leave them bored and exhausted with ads.

The brand has mastered the art of creating conversations, and they do it exceedingly well!