Simply Wish Uses Popular Cinema References and Brand Taglines to Help People Deal with the Pandemic

24 July, 2020 (Friday)

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world as we know it and the year has been quite an uncomfortable ride for many. To ease the blow, Simply Wish, a Bangalore based design house, came up with two series of documents that aim to help people cope with the tough times by building communication and spreading awareness. The documents talk about how to deal with the situation and attempt to lighten the scenario with witty humour and insightful tips. 

  1. The first document is called ‘Work From Home Series’. It uses famous taglines from Indian ads in a different light to talk about how to deal with the lockdown. It covers various topics from mental health, hygiene and fitness. Here is a glimpse

  2. The second document is called ‘Back to Work Series’. This one uses popular Indian film references in a quirky way to build a sense of positivity and give useful advice to people as things slowly unlock again and safety is more important than ever. have a glance


Both these colourful documents are rich in humour and creativity which help in bringing out the positivity in us during these trying times. To view the entire campaign, click here.