Ok Boomer by Columbia Pacific Communities

03 March, 2020 (Tuesday)

Columbia Pacific Communities, a chain of retirement homes, tries to redefine the phrase, “OK Boomer!” in order to proliferate the idea of positive ageing.
The phrase originally came into existence in 2015 as an internet meme and by mid-2019, younger generations began using it mockingly to dismiss the baby boomers as old-fashioned and narrow-minded.

Columbia pacific communities, in an attempt to turn this stereotype around, launched their own “OK Boomer!” campaign on social media where they assert that the boomers have not only made revolutionary contributions, but also remain relevant through their vast experience and wisdom—the kind that can’t be attained by merely browsing the internet.

The campaign is a play on words where it draws parallels to the google assistant which is often triggered with the prompt ‘OK Google!’. In an age where most of the youth seek the answers to every question though google, Columbia Pacific Communities implore us to turn to the boomers for life advice, affirming that some answers can only be found through practical wisdom.