Noise creates a #KingChiku trend on Instagram with Virat Kohli!

06 December, 2022 (Tuesday)

Noise, a critically acclaimed brand has recently put to light its latest brand ambassador and has enticed audiences from different platforms. 

The wearables brand cricketer, Virat Kohli, is their latest signing for smartwatch products.

To tease the audiences at first, Noise dropped hints by using the term Chiku, a name given to the player lovingly by his fans, and started a prevailing trend with the #KingChiku. 

Netizens were on their toes as they immediately decoded this hint and gave this trend a new perspective by creating a chucklesome petition. 

The petition requested ‘Chiku’ to be made the king of the fruit and Noise hopped onto that as well with their #MakeNoiseForChiku. 

Countless Influencers and pages on the platform joined this movement, creating numerous memes and buzz about the same!

Another reason that adds to the meaning of this partnership is the message that the brand intends to inculcate and what the cricketer lives by. 

The partnership has engaged audiences with the motive of listening to the voice within and has amplified it with their latest ambassador.

Speaking on this latest partnership, Gaurav Khatri, co-founder of Noise said, “We are thrilled to welcome the Indian cricketing legend Virat Kohli as a Noisemaker. Our leadership in the smartwatch domain perfectly mirrors the journey Virat has undertaken to become a fan favourite the world over. With our continuous zeal to listen to the noise within, coupled with the need to deliver a power-packed performance, we are certain that his association with Virat will further bolster our connection with the young audience in India and overseas.”

Kohlis statements have added to the brands credibility and have driven traffic massively from his fans who made this endorsement a success. 

Kohli said, “I always believe in working with brands that I resonate with. Excited to join the passionate team of Noisemakers as I partner with Noise which is constantly creating new statements and has truly ushered in the era of smart wearables, putting India on the global map. Our partnership symbolises our shared belief of listening to the noise within.”

We’re excited to see how Noise makes the most of the traffic that Kohli brings with him by involving him in forthcoming campaigns that will involve all touchpoints!