Jio Tries To Spread Optimism In India’s New Journey

23 June, 2020 (Tuesday)

Having creeped into 2020 out of the blue, the COVID 19 pandemic has drastically changed life as we know it. For months, the entire country seemed to have come to a shocking stalemate and we were being smothered by one crisis after another. Despite the fact that our war against the virus is far from over, the financial burden on the country is taking an equally horrific toll and the nation has been forced to open the economy one step at a time by gently restarting businesses.

To spread Optimism amidst this dire situation, Reliance Jio, along with Ting, came up with a campaign called ‘Ek naya daur, ek naya India’ to raise people’s spirits and give them hope. It tells people that everything hasn’t ended yet, and in fact, it’s only the beginning of a new era that we can build together by being there for each other. 

This campaign was conceptualized, crafted, edited and released by Ting .

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