Exploring the Great Indoors with Jeep

30 April, 2020 (Thursday)

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has forced several countries into implementing quarantines and it has been a long while in India since people have gotten a chance to bask in the sunshine or party and play with their friends. Social interactions form an integral part of our social structure, devoid of which it’s only likely for people to lose a grip of their sanity, giving the phrase ‘bored to death ‘, a whole new meaning. However, there is an urgency due to which we must resist the temptation to step out in order to overcome the pandemic.

In such trying times, Jeep has come up with a great initiative to encourage people to stay home, hinting at the fact that there are several ways to kill the tedium whilst staying within the confines of our households. In the campaign called ‘Explore the Great Indoors ’ they implore people to #StayHome and give them a whole array of fun activities that they can do from home. The activities are simple to perform and don’t demand a hefty supply of resources. The activities help us explore the little things we might have been skimping out on like trying out new recipes in the kitchen, reading books, working out and so on. They even tossed in a bunch of recommendations in case you’re new to that activity.

This campaign was thoughtfully made and is sensitive to the times that we’re in.

Have a look at how Jeep India gave the the iconic seven-slot grille a whole new look by giving a homely twist and asking people to stay indoors by exploring different activities.