#ChooseBeautiful by Dove

13 February, 2020 (Thursday)

Ladies, if given a choice between ‘Average’ and ‘Beautiful’, which one would you choose?

Women from around the world were asked to make this choice.

Upon seeing how most women don’t feel confident about their own beauty, Dove launched an inspiring campaign #ChooseBeautiful with the notion that women don’t need validation from others to feel beautiful. It is their right to #ChooseBeautiful and embrace their beauty.

To explore how different cultures across the world influence the choices women make, Dove reached out to women of 5 cities, viz. Francisco, Delhi, Shanghai, London and Sau Paulo, to encourage them to make positive choices about their beauty. More importantly, they wanted to show them that wherever they are, they have the power to make the choice to feel beautiful.

They asked these women to walk through one of two entrances outside a shopping mall, with one labelled as ‘Beautiful’ and the other as ‘Average’.

Find out which one they chose ­-