Breaking Stereotypes by being a “Propah Lady”

07 February, 2020 (Friday)

Ladies, how often were you asked to behave in a certain manner just because you were a lady?

How many times have people told you how to eat, sit or dress and even what to speak in public?

The inevitable answer remains that all women at all times are expected to behave in a certain code of conduct.  

Breaking all the stereotypes and asking women to be unapologetically themselves, PUMA India launched a new campaign #PropahLady where they shatter glass ceilings by asking women to be however they want to be. 

The campaign showcases 4 Powerful young women breaking barriers and leaving behind the conventional do’s and don’ts of being a lady. 

The Olympic boxer “Mary Kom”,  the International athlete “Dutee Chand”, actress 

Sara Ali Khan and India’s first transgender model, Anjali Lama were roped in for this campaign to redefine the conventional way of a woman to behave in a “Propah” way and bringing a change in the society to celebrate the empowered women/womanhood. 

What we love about this campaign is the fact that it merges its brand ideology with the idea that women can do and be whatever they want to. 

So Ladies, be the #PropahLady that you have always wanted to be.