Brands Give An Ode To Fathers On Fathers Day 2022

01 July, 2022 (Friday)

Previously listing our best Father’s Day campaigns through the years, inspiration brewed through brands and we’ve witnessed numerous splendid campaigns released this year. Like each year, in 2022 as well, Instagram was flooded with attractive campaigns that either portrayed the love of a father or simply thanked them for the immense support throughout. 

Below are some of the campaigns that stood out more than the others and left an impact on the viewers minds with their creative ideas and exemplary execution. 

1) Samsonite- #SayItWithSamsonite 

A brilliant campaign was released by Samsonite that helped viewers focus on some of their finest moments in life and a fathers contribution through all those moments. This emotional-filled campaign ignited warmth in the viewers hearts through the fantastic visuals. 

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2) Comedy Central In & Colors Infinity- #SafeForDad

A simple yet much-needed conversation was stirred this year by Comedy Central In & Colors Infinity. The campaign #SafeForDad motivated no limits in the scope of topics when it comes to talking about it with their fathers. Bringing a change in the way of shying away from unconventional conversation topics was boosted widely. 

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3) SBI General Insurance 

Breaking the outdated norms and a father’s incredible support was very beautifully portrayed in SBI General Insurance’s latest campaign. The emotions that a daughter feels through a fathers enduring and unended support gave a heartfelt touch to the film that was highly enjoyed by the viewers. 

4) Parle- #ThankYouDad

Parle is a brand that is known for initiating conversation with their evergreen cookies with some tea. The same brand perspective was considered to create a campaign for Father’s Day. This campaign film that was released focused on letting out raw emotions to a father and letting out the words often left unsaid. 

5) Biryani By Kilo- #HandiKhushiyoKi 

The campaign released by this brand showcases a simple poem written by a son to his father that recollects all the memories that the two cherish. The campaign conveys how fathers often shy away from expressing their feelings, yet a son always understands it. 

6) Shoppers Stop- #CoolDads

A modern take on Dads was depicted in this modern-day campaign released by Shopper’s Stop. Two different ad films were released with different scenarios and a connecting message of change in the way of thinking.