#BingoConnecting People with Optimistic Madness

10 June, 2020 (Wednesday)

The year 2020 brought it with a bizarre turn of events and life as we know it has never been the same ever since. Looking back to the time when everything was not socially distanced and when people didn’t need to hide behind masks all the time, the little joys of life were gravely undervalued. Only after communication turned into a virtual phenomenon did people realise how priceless the little moments of togetherness were. Everything from office meetings, birthday parties and convocations to even weddings are now taking place through video calls and people are growing increasingly annoyed with the isolation. 

As a fix to the growing frustration and plummeting morale among people, Bingo! came up with a witty campaign called #BingoConnecting. As people grouched and whined over video calls as to how much they missed the person on the other side and how they longed to meet them, Bollywood’s beloved superstar Ranveer Singh would crash the party and try to cheer them up with his playful charm and electrifying energy. Along with a little friendly banter and a lot of dancing, he would ask them to hold on a little longer and stay positive through these difficult times. Most importantly, he tried to restore a little bit of laughter and madness back into their lives and sure enough, people went crazy!

Check out the sheer shock and joy and the myriad of other emotions people went through because of the surprise call crash.