Bhima Jewellers Steals Everyone''''s Heart With Their Latest Campaign

17 April, 2021 (Saturday)

While our society still adapts to a newer definition of what it means to be a woman and love, Bhima Jewellers is already ahead of us. 

Their newest campaign (in collaboration with the agency Animal) 'Pure As Love' follows the journey of a transperson as she transitions from an anxious man into a confident woman about to get married. 

The short video features Meera Singhania, a transwoman and an activist, who shows us the emotions one goes through during transitioning - from being diffident and a mousy man to an unperturbed and independent woman, all with the support and acceptance from her parents and family. The words unspoken, the support and love provided by the family, the mental and physical journey she partakes in are all spoken through the feelings of the actors and leave a dent in every viewer's heart.

While there haven't been too many campaigns including or targeting the LGBTQ+ community, this particular campaign might just be the flagbearer for it. Bhima Jewellers has broken several existing stereotypes and has beautifully portrayed the transitioning journey that many of the LGBTQ+ community members go through and the hardships that they face.