Ayushmann Khurrana The Man Company Campaign

07 February, 2020 (Friday)

Breaking down Ayushmann Khurrana’s The Man Company campaign “Gentleman Kise Kehte Hai?”

Busting stereotypes and the social norms of being an ideal Gentleman, The Man Company launched a campaign “Bring out the #GentlemanInYou ” on International Men’s Day that went viral on all social media platforms because of its ability to connect with audiences. Ayushmann Khurana, through the ad, urges men to be themselves without the societal pressure on them for being the perfect man.

What we love about this Campaign is the fact that it took bold words in a powerful voice through poetry to tell society that men shouldn’t be worried about being vulnerable and should be able to openly showcase their feelings without being judged.   

This campaign has gauged maximum engagement on International Men’s Day, with the use of minimal elements and powerful words to change the minds of people and open them up to new possibilities. 

Here’s a look at the video