Ariel urges men to #ShareTheLoad

20 February, 2020 (Thursday)

Why have the responsibilities of juggling between working a job and doing household chores, all while holding the whole family together, been laden onto women’s shoulders?

Who made it okay for men to be born with such a privilege?

Why has this fundamental flaw of raising boys differently than girls been sown into the fabric of our society?

Ariel raises these questions and makes us introspect into our values through their ad campaign #ShareTheLoad.
The campaign highlights how men assume that they are entitled to toss the burden of household chores on their wives and how that goes on to set a bad example for their children too. It tries to question gender stereotypes while it urges the men of the house to help out with the chores and #ShareTheLoad with the women so they can raise the next generation as equals.

Ariel exhibits the essence of this message perfectly through these commercials