Ariel too talks about equality in chores with a heartfelt campaign

26 December, 2022 (Monday)

While women continue to fight for equal pay, rights, and treatment for their husbands and children, Ariel’s new film clearly shows how even a celebration is not equal if one gender contributes significantly more than the other.

The #CelebrateEqual campaign shows an affluent family dinner scenario where the man is seen cozy on the sofa, browsing through his phone and his wife is clearing the table, attending to their baby and drawing the husband’s attention towards pictures from the party. 

The husband asks about the dinner earlier, to which she replied finding plenty of pictures that include her in various situations as a background and missing all the fun and celebrations.

Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer at P&G India says, “At Ariel, we aspire to build a better world for all of us, a world where everyone sees equal. Over the years, Ariel has brought to light through our campaigns, unconscious bias and conditioning which comes in the way of us achieving an equal world.” He further added, “Even now 61%* of women believe that they do not get to fully enjoy the celebrations because of the unequal burden of household chores. This often goes unnoticed and through #CelebrateEqual we want to help trigger conversations to drive positive change” 

Ariel also says, “Ariel has been championing the cause of equality and inclusion since 2015. It has been raising pertinent questions on household equality through its movement #ShareTheLoad and supporting inclusion through its campaign #MakeItPossible. #CelebrateEqual is another effort in this direction furthering the cause of gender equality in households,”

The campaign got a lot of attention online, especially after a similar Vim campaign was released to start a similar conversation of breaking stereotypes and bringing equality in household chores.