10 Most Remarkable Campaigns of 2022

28 November, 2022 (Monday)

Making and launching a campaign on social media drains out creativity and the competition keeps getting more intense with each passing year as more and more businesses see these platforms as their main source of advertisement and marketing their products. 

This makes it trickier for brands to become more noticeable on Instagram. Thus, each year some brands give all in to create the most remarkable campaigns that capture attention on a large scale. 

Some of these outstanding campaigns from 2022 have been listed below- 

1) #PlanTheChange by AirAsia

The year kickstarted with a supportive campaign by Air Asia that was run across different platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The campaign focused on providing great flexibility if ever any changes occur in the original plan. 

2) Game Responsibly by BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India by Krafton Inc makes a campaign to address the backfire that the game received from people playing for irresponsibly long and the initiative taken by the game to solve this.

3) IPL Campaigns by Spotify

A 15-film campaign that takes attention with its witty and emotional tones shows how music can help skip a boring or unwanted situation.

4) Hamare Time Pe by Toothsi

 A campaign that easily took the limelight with its different perspective of the angry protagonist Arjun Kapoor complaining why Toothsi didn’t exist in his childhood. 

5) #GiftYourDadAHug by The Man Company

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana, the campaign gives an emotional turn to the campaign by aiming to reduce the communication and emotional distance between a father and a son. 

6) BoAt x Kyra

Boat shows the launch of their new products by stepping up their game and introducing virtual influencer Kyra as the brand enters the Web 3.0 world. 

7) Dussehra by McDonald’s 

A witty perspective was given on Dussehra by McDonald’s, following the tone of the brand where they were seen catering to the needs of every head of Rawan. 

8) #5StarEverywhere by 5 Star

A brilliant campaign where the brand appears to be doing nothing and yet capturing eyes everywhere simply by changing its logo in a creative manner. 

9) #FaithNotForce by Bournvita

Bournvita shook the internet with their creative re-designing campaign where they propagated the idea of letting children be instead of making them fit into pre-defined boxes. 

10) World Cup 2022 Campaign by LV

And lastly, the most liked and engaged campaign of the year yet where fashion brand LV puts together two legends of football Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, playing a game of chess. 

11) #TheGreatest by Apple

Apple has recently launched a new campaign titled ‘The Greatest’ in collaboration with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The campaign was launched to empower people with disabilities and show Apple’s contribution with its numerous features that can be accessed via iPhones, iWatches and Macs.

12) Vim Black for Men by Vim 

Vim launches a fake product called ‘Vim Black’ as a cheeky attempt to tickle the stereotypes and encourage the male audience to participate in the daily chores. The campaign put countless viewers in awe and left some confused. However, Vim ‘came clean’ with their big reveal! 

13) Puma x Anushka 

A cleverly arranged campaign where the brand Puma and actress- Anushka Sharma start a banter on social media until they come together officially. Even though the campaign was out-of-the-box, viewers were quick to pick up the pieces and fit the plan perfectly in the comments! 

14) #KingChiku by Noise

Noise starts a trend online with the #KingChiku where users pleasantly participate in the appreciation of the fruit. The brand then, however, connects this to their new brand endorser, Virat Kohli, who too is recalled by this pet name.