Xiaomi Ambushes One Plus With Killer Puns

23 June, 2020 (Tuesday)

When One Plus first launched in 2014,  it was marketed as the flagship killer since it took on big names in the smartphone industry by offering flagship-level performance at a reasonable price. It has evolved a lot in the last 6 years and has gone on to secure its place among the big names. 

In its ad campaign for promoting the One Plus 7 Pro, One Plus had put up billboards featuring Robert Downey Jr., the company’s new international ambassador. Xiaomi put up a billboard right next to this one to promote its Redmi K20 series which happened to have the same features as the One Plus counterpart but was sold at a better price. In it, Xiaomi said that the K20 was ‘Starkly’ superior to the latest ‘One’, playing a pun on Robert Downey Jr.’s popular on-screen ‘Tony Stark’ character and One Plus’s name at the same time. It further went on to call the K20 series the Flagship Killer once again poking fun at One Plus’s origins. 

Manu Kumar, the Global Vice President at Xiaomi, proudly boasted about the punny billboard campaign on his Twitter handle ahead of the K20 launch.

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