The Best Burger King vs McDonald’s Campaigns

16 June, 2020 (Tuesday)

When competition between brands intensifies, brands sometimes have to take direct swipes at their competitors to dominate the market. Some fierce rivalries between brands can go on for decades. In such situations, brands come up with interesting ways of taking on their rivals as the brands indulge in full-fledged ad war. One such rivalry exists between McDonald’s and Burger King.

McDonald’s, the older of the two companies, boasts a wider network of fast food joints across the world while Burger King relies on bold aggressive marketing and claims that their burgers are bigger and better than their counterparts. The two fast-food giants have been in the game for quite a while and their rivalry has only deepened through the years. They have come up with many interesting campaigns during this time.

Here are some of our favourite campaigns.  


After news broke out that a man found a decades-old McDonald’s burger in his coat pocket that still looked the same, Burger King came up with this ad campaign. The campaign shows a Whopper burger slowly getting mouldy over the course of a month. In the end, they claim that they use no preservatives and that’s what happens to real burgers, taking a stab at McDonald’s.


This genius campaign had people download the burger king app and claim a 1 cent Whopper from the nearest McDonald’s. The staff at the McDonald’s, obviously dumbfounded would point them to the nearby Burger King location.


When Burger King entered the Belgian Market, McDonald’s took a shot at them with a giant billboard outside its outlet that said that they could either be served by a king(Burger King) or be served like a king at McDonald’s. However, Burger King retaliated with its own billboard that used a clever pun to make fun of their rival’s poor grilling skills.


In this Christmas campaign, Burger King delivered ‘The Gift of Fire’ to McDonald’s poking fun at the fact that Mcdonald’s grills its meat without using fire. 


In this German campaign, Burger King used the pre-premiere of Stephen King’s ‘It’ as a genius ad for Burger King. At the end of the movie right before the credits, they projected the message, “And the moral is: Never trust a clown” on the screen followed by the Burger King logo.


In this French Campaign, McDonald’s roasted Burger King over how difficult it is to find their outlet. On a highway, the billboard pointing to the nearest Burger King had a towering list of directions to a burger king joint 258 km away. Meanwhile, the one pointing to McDonald’s just says 5 km straight ahead. However, Burger King soon retaliated with their version of the same ad that suggested that it’s worth the drive because their burgers taste better.