Mochaccino or Frappuccinos? Dunkin’ Donuts wants you to get Coffee.

06 April, 2021 (Tuesday)

It's 2006 and you're in America. You need your daily fix of coffee before you head out to work. But wait, where would you go?

Dunkin' Donuts knows where to. 

In 2000, Dunkin' Donuts introduced America to its newest offer on the menu- Dunkaccino. Through the drink, Dunkin' Donuts would soon venture into the fancy coffee industry coming up with various kinds of espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. 

By 2006, it declared its intentions to take Starbucks head-on in a cheeky commercial that found coffee drinkers struggling to  order from the menu that was written in "Fritalian." 

Dunkin' Donuts simultaneously also started the campaign #AmericaRunsOnDunkin as an attempt to overthrow Starbucks and claim the throne. Despite Dunkin' Donuts constant attempts at dissing the coffee giant, Starbucks never directly retaliated at Dunkin' but constantly maintained that they had the best beans in the market.