Mac vs PC Brand Wars

23 April, 2021 (Friday)

Apple and Microsoft's brand wars go way back to 2006 when Apple Inc. launched the controversial MAC vs. PC initiative in May 2006. The "Get a Mac" series of ads and promotions consisted of 66 commercials that appeared on television, all of which argued the same point: that a MAC is superior to a PC. Actors Justin Long, who plays the "MAC," and John Hodgeman, who plays the "PC," star in the advertisement. The two well-known actors personify the machines they play while still resembling the two companies' founders, a plump version of Bill Gates and a younger Steve Jobs.

Long is the youthful, better-looking, laid-back character who is meant to portray MAC items as being more user-friendly and easier to use. In this advert, Hodgeman is depicted as a dorky-looking guy who wears his hair up high and has a mostly uninteresting presence. This campaign was developed by Apple to increase revenue and eliminate their largest rival, Microsoft.

Microsoft's response to Apple's Mac vs. PC play began with ads like this, which show PC users aren't just people like the older, out-of-touch PC guy from Apple's commercials -- they're actually from a wide diversity of demographics, backgrounds, and locations around the world. The ad begins with a man who looks and dresses just like the PC guy in Apple's "Get a Mac" ads saying, "I'm a PC, and I am not alone." Then, it jumps from person to person, all of whom state, "I'm a PC," too.

But it didn’t end there. In 2009, Microsoft launched a new campaign called ‘Laptop Hunters’ where Microsoft subliminally called out Apple for the heft prices.

Apple made a rebuttal by continuing their "Get a Mac" campaign with more ads highlighting PCs' weaknesses. In this one, a woman is deciding whether she wants to get a Mac or a PC, so PC brings along a line of people representing all the different types of PCs out there - while Mac stands alone.

The number of PCs that can accommodate her needs gets smaller and smaller, until no one else remains.