Cadbury Perk v/s Nestle Munch - A not so sweet affair

11 May, 2021 (Tuesday)

In February 2014, Cadbury’s wafer-chocolate Perk launched a commercial to promote their ‘enhanced’ Perk. Through the commercial, Cadbury took a dig at Nestle by emphasizing that the new Perk was heavier with twin bars and four-wafer layers, yet priced at Rs. 5, unlike other brands who charged more. 

The commercial followed the story of two brothers, Monu and Sonu, and their father. One of the brothers, Monu, writes to his father sharing his disgust at getting the lighter chocolate wafer. He explains that Sonu’s Perk was 17 grams and had four wafers, whereas his only had 11.5 grams and three wafers. The partiality clearly denoted his father did not love him.

Nestle responded to the dig with their own 'Munch Ka Punch' commercial. It begins with a punch, &ldquo Some chocolates were harmed in the making of this commercial. #MunchKaPunch”. This time, it's Monu’s brother Sonu who has left a letter for his father expressing his disappointment. He complains that while his brother was offered the delicious crunchy munch, he ended up getting the heavier wafer chocolate. He tells his father that chocolate is not consumed by weight, but by flavor, and he proposes that hard chocolate be used as a paperweight.

This retaliation from Nestle was loved by the audience so much so that the campaign went viral on social media and helped increase Nestle Munch's visibility.