Why Bata stores has put the shoppers in awe with their modern touches!

19 December, 2022 (Monday)

Bata, a rich legacy brand with a long history of success and global reach, realized its own evolution in the retail space and was in dire need of a makeover!

After creating an aspirational vision for their company and product line, Bata put this same ambitious vision to create a new look. This identified who they wanted to become and what they wanted their personal story to be.

People love Bata and it shows! To keep these customers retained, the brand renovated 250+ stores this year. 

This renovation includes redesigns that make it easier to shop, explore and discover new styles, making it a seamless experience for visitors from start to finish check-out. 

Bata’s ‘Lift and Learn’ technology is an excellent example of how technology can be used to make an already busy shopping experience easier and much more user-friendly.

The feature shows information about a show upon lifting it. It can also compare 2-6 shoes at one time, making it even more exciting for sneaker-heads! 

The brand also markets its app with a one-of-a-kind introduction called the ‘Juke Box’. It enables customers to request songs that they love on the app and groove while shopping! 

Through music and technology, Bata is finding new ways to develop a deeper connection with GenZ and With all these changes coming onto effect at the year-end, we cannot wait to see what the brand brings next year