KFC’s Social Media Strategy Dissection

22 May, 2021 (Saturday)

About The Company:
KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the few brands in America that can boast a rich, decades-long history of success and innovation. They've extended to over 24,000 KFC outlets and more than 145 countries and territories around the world. The subsidiary of the Yum! Brands Inc. is the second-largest chain restaurant and proves to be a tough competitor in the market.

On Facebook, KFC has a sizable fan base of over 57 million people. Daily ad activities are managed by the company on Facebook. KFC updates its Facebook page daily. It distributes promotional material to its followers. The page focuses on the products it sells and also promotes their online delivery services. Each of these posts has hundreds or thousands of Likes. Some videos have gained millions of views, demonstrating both Facebook's influence and the success of the KFC brand. One of the videos posted by KFC on its India channel has garnered over 16 million views. Their customer engagement is very high and most use it as a medium for feedback which KFC promptly responds to.




Their Twitter page too remains very interactive and KFC maintains a high level of engagement with their followers. They regularly hold contests and upload topical posts to keep up their customer engagements and just like Facebook, their Twitter page is also product-oriented and works as a medium for users to air out their grievances.

KFC is aligned with other global fast-food brands with 1.4 million Instagram followers and has enhanced substantial online market visibility. For contrast, McDonald's biggest rival has more than 2 million other supporters, but a more conservative and apparently much less consistent approach that is 50 times more popular since 2014.
They’re constantly interacting with Influencers and CGI influencers and come up with topical and trending posts that resonate well with their target audience on instagram.

KFC, being all-pervasive, maintains a high level of engagement over all of its social media platforms and is evident on their YouTube channel too. KFC has leveraged YouTube Shorts to their advantage and promote their products accordingly, garnering millions of views on it. Although it posts their commercials on their YouTube channel, it garners more traction through the Shorts.