How Prajakta Koli(@MostlySane) Became One of India’s Most Loved Influencers

21 July, 2020 (Tuesday)


Prajakta Koli is a YouTuber and blogger based in Mumbai. The 26-year-old creative genius began her journey as a radio jockey in one of Mumbai’s top radio stations as an intern but decided to quit and express herself more freely as a YouTuber. Her quick-witted content quickly gained popularity and in just 5 short years, she got herself over 5.4 million subscribers on her channel.


Humour is at the core of Prajakta’s content and she unabashedly flaunts her quirky, weird and wild sides on social media. Her Instagram page feels like a peek into her life as she lives it. Her content inspires people to be themselves and promotes self-love. Her feed is filled with humorous short sketches with her playing all the characters involved. What stands out most, however, is that there’s a lot more to her content than just humour. She addresses serious problems in the world like sexism, body shaming, bigotry, etc and serves these in a way that is delightful and easy to consume

What Prajakta excels at is connecting with people. She stands as a free voice in a world filled with inhibitions and her followers love to watch her be herself and express her opinions on social media. She does a brilliant job of engaging with them constantly with interactive posts, Q & As, meet and greets, etc. Prajakta often collaborates with other popular influencers to create some exciting content. She also occasionally indulges in popular social media challenges with her fans.

During her #IPledgeToBeMe campaign she came up with a video called ‘Shameless’ where she encouraged people to be true to themselves and not crumble upon societal pressures. She collaborated with big names on Youtube like Raftaar, RJ Malishka, Sahil Khattar and Mithila Palkar among others. This video gave a tremendous boost to her page and while she showed the world her fiery rapping skills. She put these skills to use once again during her #CreatorsForChange campaign with her video ‘No Offence’ where she tackled severely prevalent issues in society like homophobia, trolling and male chauvinism. Her bold content earned her the privilege of being the first Indian YouTuber to represent India at the UN.

Prajakta uses her social media for everything from memes, shorts, travel and food to talking about social issues and mental health. She is a creative genius who keeps her followers entertained with a constant supply of posts on Instagram and shows YouTube.

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