How Mumbai Police Relay Their Message Through Humor On Social Media

30 April, 2021 (Friday)


Ever since Mumbai Police joined social media, it hasn't been the same. Since its inception on various platforms, Mumbai Police has fast become one of the most popular accounts on Twitter and Instagram alike.

The decision to join social media came from a desire to raise consciousness among the youth and prevent them from making irresponsible decisions. They came to this conclusion after seeing a large number of children disregarding safety precautions and participating in social games such as cricket. 

Knowing that they wouldn't be able to get the youth's attention on safety, social & traffic discipline, celebration, respect for martyrs, cyber security amongst others with mundane post, Mumbai Police traveled the route of Pop Culture and dark humor to create quirky and trendy content that resonates with the people and essentially, creates engagement with the Police. 

In doing so, Mumbai Police has found a new channel to interact with its citizens and is breaking stereotypes on the kind of relationships official administrations have with their citizens. Their satire coupled with a healthy interaction with their citizens gives Mumbai Police its social presence and massive brand awareness none of which go in vain.