Everything is Awesome on Lego’s Social Media

02 July, 2020 (Thursday)

About the Brand: 

The Lego Group, founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in Denmark, began manufacturing its line of plastic construction toys in 1949. Since then, more than 600 billion Lego construction bricks have been manufactured around the world. In 2015, Lego replaced Ferrari as Brand Finance’s “world’s most powerful brand” and investing in certain Lego sets was more valuable than investing in gold. 


With a tagline of ‘Everything is Awesome’, Lego markets itself as a fun and exciting brand with regular posts that inventively blend objects from the latest movies, games and events with its toys. It primarily targets young parents with its marketing since its products are primarily made for children. With its innumerable licences and partnerships with popular fiction titles like Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Simpsons Marvel and DC among others, Its social media is a treasure trove of clever pop culture references. It also doesn’t shy away from topicals and trends and produces some inspiring content. 

With over 70 years of making toy bricks, Lego knows how to play on the tremendous nostalgia value of its products and it shines through brilliantly through its social media. It has its presence across several platforms and posts regularly to keep its audience hooked. It uses its vast range of pop culture toys to tell high quality short interesting stories through video mediums like IGTV, Vine and YouTube. The production value of these videos is nothing short of amazing. Besides this, It also uses these mediums to show how to build some complex and amazing Lego structures. 

It also uses social media very effectively to engage its audience with Live shows, contests, Q&As and their super popular 7 day challenges. From building its popularity though pop culture references to becoming a pop-culture phenomenon itself, Lego has truly shown how everything is awesome through its social media.

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