Dissecting Words of Worth’s Instagram Strategy

14 April, 2020 (Tuesday)


Tuheena Raj reinvents how we look at writing blogs with her Instagram blog wordsofworth. The witty wordsmith started her blog on Instagram back in 2016 as an extension of her passion project and has now gained over 159k followers with her regular and inventive content.

Instagram Feed:

With 4 years as an Instagram blogger, Tuheena has acquired quite a few tricks under her sleeve on creating the right content. In her blog, she writes short poems, quotes and epigrams that confront the struggles of every day and whisks an inspired and motivational spin on the mundane giving them a fresh new perspective.
How she managed to acquire so many followers has got something to do with the way she curates her content. She utilises Instagram as a terrific visual platform where she puts up aesthetically pleasing photographs of her writings. Her page carries a certain air of sophistication which is brought to life with the off-white shades of beige and tan which form her brand tonality.

Another aspect to dig into is the way the content itself is created. Laced with originality, her content somehow manages to say the most relatable things that describe the routine and don’t require your complete focus to gobble up. Meanwhile, it is also quirky enough to grab the lazy Instagram stroller’s attention every single time. It strikes the sweet spot between too short and TLDR by understanding the Instagram users’ psyche. The content often strays away from overly controversial issues while still addressing things that need to be spoken about, like body positivity , mental health awareness and the rights of minority groups.

She makes sure to balance her content for both her long time followers and those who casually stumble upon some wordsofworth while scanning their feed. So the content ranges from the erudite and sophisticated to the generic and relatable, all the while following the mantra of ‘less is more’. For her more controversial opinions, she uses her twitter and medium blogs of the same name.
Wordsofworth is the perfect example of how understanding the target users and creating content appropriately can go a long way in gaining admiration on social media.

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