Dissecting Snickers’ Instagram Strategy

18 June, 2020 (Thursday)
About the brand:

The nougat, caramel and peanut delight was first conceived in 1930 in the United States by the Mars company. Today, it is the world’s best-selling candy bar. It competes against other big names in the industry like Cadbury, Hersheys, KitKat etc.


With taglines like ‘Get Some Nuts’ and ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’, Snickers markets itself as a healthier alternative to traditional candy bars while also establishing that it is your best bet to quickly beat your hunger. The same is translated to its social media along with some witty hunger puns and some nutty charm.

A chocolate brown colour sets the tone for its Instagram feed where it makes tons of colourful pop culture references. It places its products in almost all its posts with effortless panache while also connecting with its audience through some clever humour. It also quickly adapts to the latest trends and boasts a strong appetite for topical content.

Snickers is also famous for its use of social media hacks to create fun and memorable experiences for its audiences. It often engages with its audience with exciting games, contests and challenges that help it understand them better. Snickers loves food has dedicated the IGTV section of its Instagram page to offer its followers a slew of mouth-watering recipes that beautifully make use of its products. It even has a dedicated blog for the same.

 Its #SnickersNutSearch campaign was a great example of quizzes done right on social media. The campaign strikes the perfect balance between selling its product and keeping its audience enthused. It has also collaborated with popular groups like WWE to further boost customer engagement. It has also collaborated with big names from the cinema industry to produce some amazing super bowl ads. Snickers has a worldwide presence and has given us some amazing campaigns over the years. Its #SnickersGate prank in the UK went viral where it placed Bounty bars inside Snickers wrappers to record peoples reactions. Snickers Arabia made amazing use of Youtube’s preroll ads to create an interactive game for viewers that was nearly impossible to skip.

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