Dissecting Shaadi.com’s Instagram Strategy

27 February, 2020 (Thursday)

About the Brand:

Shaadi.com is an online matchmaking service that started in India in 1997. With its services spread across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, UAE, and the UK, it became the world’s leading matrimonial website by 2008.

Shaadi.com markets itself as a social networking site that specialises in matchmaking rather than just a matrimonial site. It initially struggled in India due to poor internet adoption and was primarily targeted at NRIs. It also faced issues since people had reserved opinions on arranging marriages through an online website when the internet was still in its juvenile years. Through the years, with its innovative advertising and strong brand language, it managed to sway people away from their old-fashioned approach and became the world’s foremost matrimonial website.

Its visionary publicity tactics with shrewd use the latest marketing trends is laudable. It heavily exploited social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to influence the younger generation. Its opulent use of pop culture references really struck a chord with young men and women, opening them up to online matchmaking long before any competition had entered the game. The use of a light Indian red on its social media has set a distinct tone to the brand that can be seen in most of its posts.

In 2012 Shaadi.com launched a game on Facebook called ‘Angry Brides’ that attempted to raise awareness about the social issue of dowry that is still widely prevalent in India. In 2014, it launched another such initiative called ‘Shaadi Cares’ that addressed the issues of marital abuses and dowry in an attempt to educate people. Its #FastForHer campaign sought to break gender-bias norms, promoting equality in a marriage while leveraging celebrities to enforce this on social media. On Valentine’s Day 2019, it launched a campaign on Instagram to celebrate its milestone of 6 million success stories with the #WohEkBaat.

Its innovation-led approach helped it set itself apart from the competition while it touched more than 35 million lives worldwide. Here are some of our favourite posts by them.

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