Dissecting Oreo’s Instagram Strategy

26 March, 2020 (Thursday)

About the Brand:

Oreo is made by the Nabisco division of the Mondelez group. Introduced as an imitation of Hydrox cookies in 1912, it has now become the bestselling cookie brand in the USA while being sold in over a hundred countries.

Instagram Feed:

Oreo’s social media presents them as a fun, vibrant and witty brand. They have managed to climb to the top of the food chain with their creamy contemporary marketing strategy and their social media presence that epitomizes a perfect dunk. They have a certain spunk in their communication on social media that always leaves us craving more.

One of their key strengths is the creative use of their own products in vividly artistic yet elegant ways on their social media that is both eye-catching and praiseworthy. They exploit the stories feature on social media to blend deliciously imaginative tales that go beyond just twist, lick and dunk. These remarkable stories integrate Oreo products into them so effortlessly that it seems natural to everyday life.

Oreo is a master at creating brand recall with quirky campaigns that replace daily objects with their cookies that stick in our memory. Their campaigns leave no stone un turned in showcasing their impressive line-up of cookies in creative ways. They also have a knack for posting the right content at the right time. Their topical and moment marketing content always hits the spot when it comes to pop culture, current events or latest marketing trends. Knowing what to say and when to say it is a tremendous boon in marketing and they have it down to a formula.

Oreo has evolved beyond being a just cookie that we all love to ‘Twist, Lick and Dunk’ to being a core ingredient in our favourite desserts. They were able to achieve this by positioning themselves as more than what meets the eye by regularly posting ideas for how Oreo could enhance their dessert experience with recipes and ideas through their social media.

Oreo has transformed how we put social media to use with its witty illustrations and tasty content.

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