Dissecting KitKat’s Instagram Strategy

28 April, 2020 (Tuesday)

About the Brand:

KitKat is a confectionery brand under the Nestlé group that makes chocolate-covered wafers. Launched in the UK in 1935 as ‘Chocolate Crip’, it was rebranded as ‘KitKat’ in 1937 and the iconic brand is now sold in over 80 countries.

Instagram Feed:


KitKat market their products as the perfect balance between chocolate and wafer. Their social media presence embraces liveliness and wit. They adopted the ‘Have a KitKat Break’ tagline in 1958 and that has remained a faithful part of the KitKat charm ever since. This has translated beautifully onto their social media feed to the point where the phrase taking a break almost immediately cues in KitKat as though the two were synonymous.

A bold red colour scheme sets the tonality for their brand but they surely aren’t ones to stray from experimenting with a more vivid palette putting their wide range of colourful products to good use. They are also quick to jump on to the latest trends and clever writing paired with intriguing imagery forms the backbone of most of their content. Their content usually revolves around the lines of ‘Life is stressful, take a break with KitKat’, but they always find interesting new ways to say it. They have also mastered the art of using minimalism to promote ideas beautifully.

They have partnered with several influencers who use KitKats to make interesting works of art that further promote brand recall. KitKat’s accounts often find themselves in the middle of friendly banter on social media with other brands and influencers, taking complete advantage of moment marketing. In a particular campaign, they engaged in a friendly game of tic tac toe with another market leader, Oreo. KitKat also put their best foot forward when it comes to digital engagement. The sweet delight had already won the hearts of the engineers at Google and naturally, it had become the obvious choice for their ‘K’ version of Android (4.4).

Thus by using a strong strapline, witty content pleasing to the eye, clever marketing tactics and by exploiting their wide product range, they have truly dominated the social media game with over 890k followers on Instagram.

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