Dissecting How Akshar Pathak Redefines Social Media Influencing Through Witty Content

23 June, 2020 (Tuesday)


Akshar Pathak is a 30-year-old graphic designer from New Delhi. Besides designing, he uses social media as a powerful platform to express his poetic and comedic talents. His quick-witted approach to social media content has gained him over 519k followers on Instagram and nearly 2M followers on Twitter. 


Akshar presents his ideas on social media through a heavy dose of humour. Droll satire and witty puns seem to come naturally to the kooky designer. His unique perspective often adds a distinctly flavoured banter to the most mundane of things. The content he puts up is sometimes controversial, sometimes emotional but it is almost always amusing. He isn’t afraid in the least to make fun of himself which makes him all the more charming and lovable.

His posts are often topical, with him adding his unique flavour to the latest happenings around the world. Akshar is also an avid film lover and often indulges himself in some cinema content, be it poking fun at them or reviewing them. His content is almost always shrouded in pop culture references.

Akshar has mastered the art of social media. He uses it as a stage to truly express himself through poetry, food, travel, cinema, literature, and art all while showing off his graphic design skills. He does an amazing job of exploiting the nitty-gritty of the platforms and that is reflected wonderfully through the love he receives from his followers. 

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