Dissecting GoPro’s Social Media Strategy

12 June, 2020 (Friday)

About the brand:

The California based technology company was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, an adventure sports enthusiast, under the name Woodman Labs, Inc. It started off with a 35mm camera attached to a wrist strap as a makeshift hack to capture adventurous moments. Eighteen years in, it has evolved into a global company that sells millions of cutting edge cameras in over 100 countries.


Besides its popular action cameras, it also makes accessories and software for video editing. With a tagline of ‘Be a Hero’, ‘Hero’ being the name of its flagship camera series, it markets its company goals as enabling people to bring magic to their lives by capturing exhilarating experiences as they are and sharing them with others to celebrate the world in all its glory.

The fact that they are a video paraphernalia company shines through beautifully on its social media. Its Instagram feed is full of vivid and colourful images and videos of peoples adventures. GoPro basks in the glory of UGC(User Generated Content). Users often share their own adventurous experiences with GoPro which it proudly features on its page. It often holds competitions where people around the world participate in exciting numbers. 

It held a #GoProMillionDollarChallenge where it received over 25000 jaw-dropping entries from across the world. These kinds of challenges provide an excellent boost to the company’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram presence. The challenge garnered them over 3 Million views on Youtube alone. While its most viewed video comes from a bicycle backflip video back in 2013 with over 134 million views. 

With people avidly sharing their content with the company, GoPro has managed to form a deep connection with its audience which enables it to communicate better. It has managed to gather over 17 million followers and over 40 million tags on Instagram.


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