Dissecting Godrej Hit’s Instagram Strategy

12 March, 2020 (Thursday)

Godrej Consumer Products, with its two brands GoodKnight and Godrej HIT, is the largest player in India in the home insecticides segment. Godrej HIT started off in 1991 as a brand that makes pest control products. Constantly evolving through the years, it has come up with an innovative range of options to get rid of pests and insects that infest our homes.

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With a tagline of ‘Kill Pests, Kill Diseases’, HIT markets itself as a crusader against pests that invade our homes and the diseases they carry. It is also great at leveraging social media websites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with their constant supply of memes and posts. It is quick to make use of all the trending formats and its posts gleam with creativity. HIT has a knack for delivering serious messages in a fun manner. It has addressed the diseases caused by pesky insects and pests to raise awareness through its posts.

Instagrammers love sharing food posts just as much as they love food. The same love for food is shared by the cockroaches that infest our beloved food and give us food poisoning. In a brilliant Diwali campaign for LAL HIT, the brand made several Instagram profiles, posing as cockroaches and virtually infesting food posts with rousing comments. These profiles led people to LAL HIT while informing them of the dangers that cockroaches bring along. In another campaign for KALA HIT made in partnership with Ogilvy on World Malaria day called #HitMalariaBack, it leveraged the use of Emojis to keep things animated. Emojis have become so integral to daily conversations that it has become hard to express one’s feelings without them. This Campaign urged social media influencers to use #KhatarnakEmojis to #HitMalariaBack in an attempt to raise awareness about the symptoms of Malaria. HIT managed to reach over 12 million people through these campaigns
It also runs a sturdy blog about the threats that pests carry in fun and interactive ways on its own website. A strong social media presence coupled with the drive to fight diseases by raising awareness has earned Godrej HIT a lot of clout on social media. Here are some of our favourite posts.