Dissecting Durex Social Media Strategy

06 April, 2021 (Tuesday)

About the Brand:

Durex is a globally recognized gender health brand that was once part of the UK SSL Group and was acquired by Reckitt Benckiser in 2010. The Durex brand was born in 1929. The name comes from a combination of three English words: Durability, Reliability, and Excellence. After more than 80 years of testing, Durex has become synonymous with superior quality and is trusted by consumers around the world. 



In the current world of marketing, where story-telling is one of the strongest ways of making an impact on the viewer's mind, Durex has found its forte. Through its subtle sexual innuendos and quirky social campaigns, Durex has become one of the country's favorite brands to follow on social media. 

Durex relies heavily on Moment Marketing, a form of marketing that leverages topical content to form a responsive relationship with its viewers. Through trending material, Durex does everything possible to be present in all the "in the moments" conversations via quirky posts and memes.

Not only does Durex engage in a lot of slapstick humor, but it also advocates for safe sex and has created educational campaigns that provide awareness on sex and the issues that arise with it. 

Campaigns like #ComeTogether,  #WhySoBoring, #ForgetCondoms advocate for sexual equality, safe sex, and sex education. 

Durex also collaborates with popular content creators and companies to produce witty videos that spread awareness on sexual health roping in the audience and simultaneously increasing the brand's popularity. 

Although sex continues to remain a taboo, Durex has opened the floodgates to various discussions on sex and everything related to it. Through its humorous and out-of-box marketing, they've managed to create a platform to promote themselves and have healthy discussions on sex.