Dissecting Carmesi’s Instagram Strategy

22 June, 2020 (Monday)

About the brand

Carmesi is a Gurgaon based personal hygiene brand that was started by Tanvi Johri in 2017. It specialises in all-natural and sustainable feminine hygiene products. It caters to the premium segment of the feminine hygiene products market.


Carmesi markets itself as an eco-friendly premium brand and often also speaks up on matters concerning feminism and menstrual hygiene among others. It also takes a firm stand on several social issues prevalent in society today. By and large, Carmesi exhibits a sense of responsibility towards society and the environment through their social handles.

As a brand, It likes to show that it cares and often attaches long and eloquent descriptions to its posts, talking about various subjects that concern women. It also doesn’t miss out on topicals, speaking up for the suppressed voices in society. Overall, its tone is optimistic and encouraging, often with loads of tips on how to deal with issues and promote body positivity. What stands out most is the bold approach with which it tackles the most taboo subjects in society paired with some amazing photography.

Carmesi engrosses its audience with compelling tales of personal experiences while also asking them to share the same. Its #LoveMyFur campaign gained a lot of engagement by asking women to share images of their body hair as a way to encourage body love and stop body shaming against women. It did this again with its #Borwmance campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic and people participated in large numbers to show off their unruly and unshaped eyebrows.

Carmesi has earned over 52 k followers on their Instagram with its audacious and educational content, conversational tone, stunning imagery and engaging campaigns.

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