Dissecting Bingo!’s Instagram Strategy

17 June, 2020 (Wednesday)

About the brand:

Bingo! is a finger snacks brand under the ITC group that was introduced to the Indian market in 2007 as an alternative to Lay’s chips. At present, the brand has 5 different sub-brands of salted snacks under it which are sold across the country. With its quality over quantity business philosophy, it is now the third-largest wafer company in the country behind Frito-Lay and Haldiram’s. 


Bingo markets itself as a youthful, fun and exciting brand. It tries to connect with the youth through laughter and joy. Its brand tonality varies with each of their campaigns, covering the whole spectrum of fun. The one thing that ties these campaign together is their affinity for humour. From flexing their meme game to staying on top of the latest trends, it has always resorted to humour as a strong tool to connect with the youth. 

It even has a ‘Comedy Adda’, where it collaborates with the top stand-up comedians in the country and posts fresh comedy shorts. With the recent boom in the stand-up scene in India, the Comedy Adda has done wonders for the brand in terms of understanding what its audience likes and dislikes. It makes amusing animations around the most relatable topics to further its connection with them. Besides this, it regularly holds contests where it encourages its followers to show-off their funny creative side and has a dedicated meme maker on its website.

From time to time, Bingo! also shows its sensitive side as it did with its recent campaign, #BingoConnecting, where it collaborated with Ranveer Singh to help cheer people up amid the lockdowns. In general, the brand often relies heavily on video content to drive the point home and its posts are very topical and to the point. 

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