How Blink Digital and Dream11 Digitally Reinvented the Spirit of Cricket in India

25 August, 2020 (Tuesday)

Dream11 launched in 2008 and has been a major pioneer of the Indian fantasy sports market ever since. Its collaboration with Blink Digital has played a significant role in helping it mature into India’s premier fantasy sports platform. This was accomplished through market optimization through targeted promotions which impelled Dream11 to gain over 70 million users and win several accolades like the SAMMIE, DMA, Digies and Webby awards in recent years.

The Journey

Cricket is a lot more than a mere game in India which is home to over 900 million cricket fans. During the launch of Dream11, there was hardly a market for fantasy cricket, but with the advent of the smartphones and the blooming of the internet in the country changed the equation completely. Cricket fans from every corner of the country got the opportunity to channel their passion for the game through fantasy cricket and the user base saw an explosive growth and the market grew by a factor of 25 between just 2016 and 2019.

Despite having a large user base, there was a gap to bridge between fantasy cricket and real life cricket which is the heart and soul of every street and playground of the country and that is where Blink Digital came in. It came up with three campaigns viz. ‘’Yeh Game Hai Mahaan’, ‘Game Night’ and ‘ICC World Cup Hijacked’ to acquaint the vast Indian audiences with fantasy cricket through Dream11 and showcased how it can be a great channel to unleash their passion for the real sport. These campaigns massively heightened CTR/CTR rates and used influencer marketing to motivate lacs of new sign-ups for the platform.

Yeh Game Hai Mahaan

By leveraging the impact of the sport, Blink drove the 2019 cricket season with Dream11’s Yeh Game Hai Mahaan(YGHM) campaign on social media. It showed how the game unites people across the country with nostalgic gully cricket posts and promotions led by icons of the game. The campaign drove over 100,000 app downloads and even set a Guinness world record for the largest online cricket match ever with over 1Cr line-ups.

Game Night

This campaign was an influencer-centric concept created to complement the YGHM campaign. Influencers promoted the app on platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram to influence young cricket lovers which is the target demographic for Dream11. The two campaigns in tandem focused on cricket above all else and captured the attention of the youth across major social media platforms roping lacs of new users, extensive press coverage and millions of followers.

Hijacked Highlights

Post-match highlights typically garner crores of views. Blink’s distinct approach to create pre-roll ads in Dream11’s Hijacked Highlights campaign took perfect advantage of this and drastically helped them cut costs by essentially hijacking cricket highlight videos. A single ad was placed as a pre-roll for hundreds of cricket highlights videos thus targeting the right audience. The fresh perspective almost tripled Dream11’s views and won them a spot at the Webby’s.