Digital Vs Traditional Marketing In The Long Run

24 January, 2022 (Monday)

Since time, immemorial human beings are habituated to the traditional method of business and thus the consumer has always used the traditional method of purchase. Even during the pre-monetary era, when the Barter system was in place, the traditional method of purchase was used. The advent of money made trading easier as the buyer had a choice to buy whatever they want after physical verification. Human beings were familiar with purchasing in the traditional way until the advent of modern technology, like computers and services like the Internet.

The traditional market evolved over centuries and it started using another forum for the advancement of businesses. Marketing played an important role as the consumers were made aware of the products and many allurements were also used to induce the customer to buy the product. Traditional channels like billboards and printed media were used. With the increase in competition, advertisers used celebrities to sell their products.

Since 1990, with the advent of new technologies and the use of the computer and the rise of social media, Digital marketing came into existence. Consumers now have access to social media and websites. This helped to make purchases easy as the person can see the product and also has the complete details of the same. Digital marketing also had payment options that induced buying. Free of charge delivery added to the lustre and thus digital marketing is fast overtaking the traditional marketing

The use of the Internet for several hours daily has become a norm, digital marketing uses this to its advantage by cleverly inserting advertisements into every digital channel

Both, digital marketing and traditional marketing have their share of pros and cons. Both can work for a company based on its target audience. The fast spread of computers and newer technologies means that in the long run digital marketing strategy will gain over traditional marketing, but till then both have their uses!