About Us

When 23-year-old Aleena Gandhi started working with a digital agency 2.5 years ago, she didn’t realise the impact her social media presence would have in the industry in the next few years. Today, our company Social Media Dissect, is a well-known disruptor in the digital space, offering brands a platform to showcase their best work and calling out the rampant plagiarism present in the industry.

We dissect and review everything ranging from digital content, offline content, TV commercials to print ads, guerrilla marketing and beyond.

Our goal is to educate consumers on what makes campaigns great, how the different aspects of social media work and the nitty-gritty of the industry. We seek to empower marketers by helping them put their best foot forward with our integrated solutions. We offer consulting services to our partner brands and work closely with them to amplify their campaigns on social media through events and workshops.


Making Social Media Dissect a one-stop platform for what’s new in the social media space.


Focus on building a strong community on social media and creating engagement with our audience through personal branding, offering efficacious tips on how to organically build a brand on social media, uplifting zealous creators on social media, and doing what we do the best, calling out plagiarism.