YouTube’s New RPM Helps You Better Evaluate Earnings Based on Performance

14 July, 2020 (Tuesday)

YouTube rolled out Revenue Per Mile(RPM) to aid you in evaluating your earnings based on performance. It shows how much a creator earns per 1000 views. It evaluates this based on a comprehensive system that takes into account Ads revenue, Memberships, YouTube Premium revenue, SuperChat and Stickers.

With this knowledge, you can judge how to improve monetization for your channel. The CPM focussed more on advertisers as opposed to RPM which is centred around the creators and even includes videos that were not monetized.

The RPM is available for creators in Channel Analytics which can be found in a sidebar of the dashboard. Here you can enable different ad positions such as pre-roll and mid-roll and increase or decrease the ads on the video which may affect the viewership. Monetized features like Stickers are yet another way to enable additional revenue options.

However, RPM will not include revenue from sources like merchandise sales, brand sponsorships unless done via YouTube BrandConnect and consulting fees. This implies that creators will have to consider these factors separately while using RPM to evaluate their revenues.