Why Stealth Marketing is Beneficial and Cost-efficient

06 April, 2022 (Wednesday)

Stealth marketing is an amazing technique to create hype about a product or an event without making it obvious about the actual products marketed. Stealth marketing can also be regarded as an indirect form of marketing, also often associated with guerilla marketing. This is usually carried out on prevailing social media platforms that allow the audience to be open about the discussion via comments and other engagement means. 

The key aspect of Stealth Marketing is ‘word-of-mouth’ which is the main intention behind most campaigns that are looking forward to getting the maximum reach. This can easily make or break a brand’s reputation and even surpass engagement expectations in some cases. 

The most common type of Stealth Marketing consists of Product Placement & Undercover Marketing. Herein, the products are marketed in movies, shows, etc. without talking about it directly. 

E.g. The protagonist speaks over the call with an iPhone. While in the latter type, the products are subtly placed in such a way that it does not look like an advertisement at all! 

But why would brands prefer Stealth Marketing? 

The benefits of it are multiple and something other than the generic form of direct marketing is comparatively preferred more than the same. Hence, stealth marketing can be a great step! Its benefits include- 

1) Brand Building & Recognition 

To develop brand recognition, Stealth marketing can often prove to be a great initial step. It smoothly moves from a mere brand association to gaining recall from the viewers and retaining them into being potential customers. 

2) Gaining Cost Efficiency 

When compared to the average cost that other forms of marketing would incur, the cost of Stealth Marketing can prove to be more efficient in the long run. The constant vacillation of advertising, photoshoot and designing costs are eliminated. Rather, associating with movies or using the undercover technique can gain more reach with lesser effort. 

3) Creates Hype For Pre-Launch Products

The promotion of pre-launch products becomes much more convenient with stealth marketing as the right depiction of the product can create hype for the targeted group of audience and make them want the product far before it is even launched. Just when the buzz reaches its peak, the brands are released from the pressure of price as the demand increases regardless. 

An All-Time Example for Stealth Marketing 

‘The Italian Job’ was a critically acclaimed movie that was loved by many and featured stealth marketing in the best way. The storyline portrayed a bunch of thieves that conducted their heist with a ‘Mini Cooper as their primary vehicle. Since then, the buzz for these cars increased to a great extent and it was advertised in the long run.