Why Affiliate Marketing Is Different From Digital Marketing

02 February, 2022 (Wednesday)

Marketing in any business is carried out by identifying the requirements of the customers and fulfilling them with the product and the right techniques to sell it. There are various categories of marketing and two such categories include Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. These two are widely preferred these days by the customers and the flexibility to use them. 

So, What is the difference between the two?

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing that takes place via the use of online platforms such as Instagram Facebook, etc. It also helps market a product via other means of communication such as emails, websites, etc.  

Digital marketers use various techniques under it to advertise a product much better and generate more traffic towards it. Such techniques include- 


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing 

When understanding Affiliate marketing, it is important to know that this is considered to be a branch of Digital Marketing itself but is used widely as a separate form of marketing by firms. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which associates profit by engaging in and marketing the products of other peoples businesses. It focuses on mainly redirecting a customer to any product or service of the given brand. 

An Affiliate market mainly consists of three important components including- 


  • Owner- The creator or seller of the product
  • Marketer- The publisher who actually enlists the product details to be viewed
  • Customers- The people who view and purchase the product in direct or indirect connection 

The difference in the way of marketing - 

1) Way of marketing- 

Digital marketing actually makes use of the tools, techniques and strategies based on the ever-changing features of the digital market. 

Affiliate marketing is carried out with the help of relationship management and other associations.

2) Main motive

The digital marketing industry works on a profit-making basis and focuses on bringing back traffic to the website and increasing brand awareness. 

Affiliate marketing works on a commission basis where the marketer focuses on individual units boosted. 

3) Nature

Digital marketing is considered to be a very broad concept. 

Affiliate marketing is a part and parcel of digital marketing. 

4) Dependence 

Digital marketing can be done by anyone at any time.

Affiliate marketing always requires the involvement of a third party.