What to consider before signing the right Digital Agency for your brand!

09 November, 2022 (Wednesday)

For brands to flourish in the competitive digital marketing environment, even a little assistance from professionals in the field goes a long way. This is why most brands sign a digital marketing agency to become the acclaimed brand they are on social media. 

If a brand is at its initial phase of the search, slimming down an agency among numerous options available can be overwhelming. 

We’ve listed some vital things for a brand to consider before investing its treasured resources in any digital marketing agency. 

1) Determining the scale

Since marketing is an investment, dedicating a budget becomes the starting factor. Hence, knowing the scale of the agency before selecting one is necessary. 

  • Boutique- A small-sized agency that typically charges less than 1 lakh rupees 
  • Mid-sized- A fairly bigger firm commonly charging 1.5 lakh rupees to 4 lakh rupees
  • Large-sized- These agency retainers usually start their charges from 7 lakh rupees and can go up to 20 lakh rupees/per month. 

These charges cover the basic Social Media Services including Page management, Content, Posting & Reporting.

Additional overhead charges for exclusive services should also be taken into consideration. 

2) Thorough Market Research

A brand must consider its needs and match these requirements to the delivery capacity of an agency. It should determine if the agency can - 

  • Offer solutions to the business based on its needs
  • Customise ideas specific to the industry 
  • Keep in mind the dynamics and knowledge of the market
  • Costing of additional services, depending on the requirements of a brand

3) USPs of an agency 

Even with greater budgets, deciding an agency best suitable for a brand should not only be based on that. Bigger brands often opt for a mid-sized agency, while mid-sized brands focus on hiring smaller agencies. Here are some points to be aware of- 

  • A big-sized agency may not always give equal attention to all brands. 
  • Better team structure may not necessarily mean giving prompt attention to a brand’s requirements 
  • Constant price inflations to meet higher costs 

4) Knowing the team 

Trusting a big name isn’t often enough. Knowing and assessing the experience of the team members, especially at the forefront such as the account manager is another great way of understanding if the agency is the right fit. 

Being certain that the employees of the agency have enough knowledge of the industry is just as important as experience and proactiveness. 

5) Past Work and Achievements 

Once all requirements are met, a brand should pay equal attention to the past work of an agency. 

This thorough check includes-

  • The clients worked on
  • Amount and duration of holding a client
  • Different assets they’ve worked on
  • The key areas of strength eg. Paid ads, Brand videos, Platform

Considering these factors, a brand can decide on the right agency to land on and give it a try for the first 4/6 months!