Twitter spaces : To take your brand places

28 March, 2022 (Monday)

Twitter has been a prevailing platform for marketers for quite some time and till date continues to create its impact through marketing campaigns released by brands. A recent release by the platform, Twitter spaces, had created some noise and was determined to redirect the traffic from a similar platform, Clubhouse. 

Twitter Spaces are basically audio chat rooms that can be created within these ‘Spaces’. The user can either become a host of such Spaces or participate in them. 

Tweets on Spaces

Integrating Spaces within brands can be a new exploration for marketing strategies. However, to reach this niche, a brand must have a good Twitter Marketing Plan. For newbies, here are a couple of ways to integrate Spaces into a brand campaign. 

1) Establish the brand

For any brand to create an impact, it is a must to showcase it with thorough leadership. For a feature like Spaces, various speakers get a chance to come together and communicate their ideas. Making use of the same, brands can host webinars or sessions with other industry leaders and create a powerful image. 

2) Participating in Live events 

Initiating conversations on major live events has always been the brand’s forte on Twitter. For marketers from the media industry, Spaces can now be a great opportunity to initiate the same and talk about relevant live events along with the community. 

Spaces live audio rooms

3) Enhancing brand relations 

Any brand that communicates freely with the audience is always appreciated. Spaces can prove to be one such way to interact with customers or engage in traffic without any communication barriers. Hosting Q&A sessions or conducting quizzes can be great for starters. 

4) Launches & Discounts 

Making use of a live audience to announce products can be a great way to redirect them. Not only does this allow them to participate in the launch and be attracted to it, but also develops better engagement. Also offering special discounts to the participants can be highly appreciated and beneficial.