Twitter Helps Newsletter Creators Further Monetize Posts Through ''Subscription Button''

11 June, 2021 (Friday)

With Twitter constantly finding new incentives to help creators monetize their accounts and posts on the social media app, Twitter will soon be adding a new feature to it: the Revue Newsletter Subscription button.

The button would be privy to newsletter information and will appear below the main profile information panel. This would essentially help users and newsletter creators to easily sign-up for a newsletter direct from the app. They would also have an option to read a sample issue or tap through to the next stage, which will then see a confirmation email sent to the account linked to your Twitter profile.

According to Revue, "We want to give writers tools to turn their growing, engaged Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers. This will be available for Revue newsletters soon, so stay tuned."

Twitter also shared images of their potential Professional Profile Experiment and the different prototypes for additional business information on profiles. 

Twitter business profiles

Through the images, one can gauge that the subscription button may be available on the area below the main profile info panel unless it is to be occupied by another feature(s). 

The Revue Subscription Button is yet to come on the social media app but users can expect it on Twitter shortly.