Twitter Changes How You View DMs from Users You Don’t Follow

23 August, 2020 (Sunday)

Twitter is rolling out useful new additions to DMs on the platform. When you receive a DM request from a user you don’t follow, Twitter will now give you more information about them and tell you if and how you’re connected. Upon opening the request, you will see their profile along with the message to save you the trouble of visiting their profile to know more about them.


The DM request info screen will also show you which accounts the user follows that may also be linked to you. Other information like the date they joined twitter will be available in the summary bio which can help you understand the person and reason they’re contacting you better.

This new feature is available to everyone and it will help in increasing the engagement rates while bringing value to users on both ends of the conversation. It could also help you avoid scams and spam accounts and save users a lot of their precious time.