Spotify Joins Social Live Audio With Spotify Greenroom

17 June, 2021 (Thursday)

Catching up to all the social media conglomerates that have jumped onto the social audio bandwagon, Spotify is the next company to do so.
By acquiring the sports-related social audio app Locker Room and re-naming it as Spotify's Greenroom, Spotify users would now be able to join or host live audio rooms and even turn conversations on the app into a podcast.

In a press release, Spotify announced that, "We believe Spotify has an opportunity not only to enable live broadcasts, but to aid discovery, drive consumption, and accelerate the growth of the live category overall,” the company said in announcing Greenroom.

Today’s app unveiling is our opportunity to begin laying the foundation for the exciting roster of content and capabilities Spotify has in store in our venture into live audio.”

Following in Locker Room's footsteps, users of Spotify's Green Room will be able to find the audio programs by relying primarily on users joining groups inside the app for the time being.

Just like the other brands on social audio, the Green Room would follow a similar interface. Speakers in the room appear at the top of the screen as rounded profile icons, while listeners appear below as smaller icons. There are mute options, moderation controls, and the ability to bring listeners onstage during the live audio session.

Listeners can even virtually applaud the speakers by sending them 'gems', which is a feature directly taken from Locker Room, and is visible next to their display image during the session. Although these gems haven't been monetized, Spotify has hinted at the possible monetization of them in the future.

Although Spotify's Greenroom offers many of the features that are already available in the social audio market, what differentiates it from the rest is the feature of offering a live text chat feature that the host can turn on or off whenever they choose and having recordings of the live audio session which can be edited and turned into a podcast.

Spotify Greenroom is available both on iOS and Android internationally in 135 countries out of the 178 it operates in. Spotify Greenroom is currently available only in English but the company has plans to expand it further eventually.

Additionally, Spotify has also announced their plans to initiate the Spotify Creator Fund which works to help audio creators (based in U.S.A) to generate revenues for their work. Although much detail is not known about the Creator Fund, Spotify did iterate that it is offering a sign-up form for those who are interested about hearing about the opportunities that would be provided through the Creator Fund.