Shops on Facebook Platforms get an Overhaul with a Slew of New Options

28 August, 2020 (Friday)

Shops which was introduced on Facebook’s platforms back in May is now receiving a significant update that enables users to interact with the feature in many new ways. 

Facebook Shops tab

It now enables users to customise your digital storefront’s look and to create new collections. It has also added customisation features and new layouts for featuring individual products and groups. Users will get a real-time preview of their collections as they design them while new users can automatically create Shops. Facebook is also adding a feature that gives users insights to track the performance of the Shops in Commerce Manager

Facebook Shops set upFacebook Live now gives users the option to showcase their products from Shop in their live streams to further elevate the buying experience for users. When an item is being sold, an option of ‘Add to Bag’ will appear at the bottom of the live stream. A similar live shopping option is also available on Instagram Live for Businesses and Creators in the US.

Facebook ShopsSince the lockdowns, physical outdoor events and launches have largely been replaced by online Live events on Social Media. Live shopping has come as a great boon to business owners and people across various fields have already been taking advantage of it to build their brands and conduct business.

Facebook shops messagingA new messaging button is also being added to Shops so users can message business owners directly through Messenger, Instagram Direct, or Whatsapp. Products will be available to users directly through chat for them to share with friends, check availability and ask questions.  This will enable businesses to identify their customers and engage with them personally to further streamline the consumer experience. The feature is currently being tested on DM and messenger and Whatsapp should soon follow suit.

Further, a checkout feature is being made available to all users in the US. This will enable users to buy products or services without leaving the app. Instagram has waived selling fees until the end of this year.

These features are only being tested with users in the US but Facebook plans to make them more widely accessible in the upcoming months.