Remarkable Friendship Day Campaigns Of 2022 That Cherished All Aspects Of Friendship

09 August, 2022 (Tuesday)

No matter the age, friendship day has always been of tremendous significance and cherishes some of the most memorable bonds that we share. 

Since friendships are known to bust stereotypes, and rules and live to the fullest, on this friendship day, various brands have come forth with impressive campaigns that honour every aspect of it. 

For marketers to inspire, we’ve listed down some of the most distinctive friendship day campaigns- 

1) CEAT & Royal Enfield 

The two prominent brands beautifully made use of cross-marketing, representing friendship and promoting the safety of the riders. 

2) Swiggy

The perfect portrayal of friendship is endlessly roasting the beloved friends. Swiggy does the same this year by introducing a fun campaign that allows users to send badges to their friends. We’re surprised that they didn’t send any to Zomato. 

3) Domino’s Pizza

The last slice of pizza is known to break bonds. But this friendship day, Dominos proves otherwise. A campaign was launched that beautifully confirmed how the last slice can help make new friends. 

4) Gillette Venus 

Of course, friendship day is mainly about looking back that those friends and thanking them. Gillette encourages the same with their latest campaign that strengths the bond between ‘gal-pals’