Reddit Reportedly Developing Clubhouse-like Audio Room

14 April, 2021 (Wednesday)

With audio social still gaining traction and providing more ways for users to stay connected during the ongoing pandemic, almost all platforms seem to be capitalizing on this particular feature with Reddit being the recent application. According to reports, Reddit's currently testing its own take on audio social, with audio rooms within subreddits.

For the past couple of years, Reddit has been developing several options to increase its reach and engagement through tools like live-streaming, and in-app messaging to better connect users with similar interests. They have even tried out random group discussions, which take a somewhat similar approach to audio social and added a new 'Start Chatting' prompt within selected subreddits, which, when tapped, launched an enclosed group discussion of up to five members at a time from that same community.

Experts believe that Audio Rooms would do relatively better on Reddit than on other platforms is because of Reddit's culture. The platform is generally seen as being more respectful, supportive, and wholesome than the likes of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. This is because of the system placed where users can upvote and downvote comments, which penalizes more negative content. This breeds a more positive environment in which valuable audio rooms can thrive under.